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Taking Supplements - Focus & Balance

Recently I have started taking supplements to support & increase my memory and to balance my energy levels throughout the day. Thanks to my wife, she researched the best supplements for me and we found a company called VPK Maharishi Ayurveda. The Supplements that I am taking are Brahmi, which calms the mind to cope with stressful situations; Ashwagandha, which rejuvenates, nourishes and energizes; and Turmeric, for a healthy heart, liver, lungs and circulation. Since taking these supplements, I have seen an increase in my memory capacity. My focus and clarity are now amazing, and my energy is constant throughout the day.

These supplements have also helped during exercise. I was able to increase the distance and time of my run. Another benefit of taking the supplements was that my body recovered quicker than usual after a run. My overall health was good before taking the supplements, and now my health is even better!

Click on the link below which will bring you to VPK's website to see which supplements will work best for you. You can click on the "Shop" section on the top left side of the website and find the product types that you'd like to try out.

Just as a note, I am not usually the type of person that promotes anything. After taking the three supplements listed above, I needed to let my blog friends know how great the supplements have made me feel! Take a look around the VPK website, try their products, and see for yourself the change it could make in your life. With a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine, you will begin to feel like your best self.

This is what works for me in my opinion. Please check with your healthcare provider before taking supplements and exercising.

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