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Running Again!!!!

Running Again... I am back to running on the treadmill and outside with no pain. Running brings me a sense of accomplishment and joy, which sounds strange but true.

While I was injured I did make adjustments that I am happy about, let me explain. Plantar Fasciitis is very painful and I was unable to run, so the Elliptical Machine became my cardio exercise, then as I was progressing and feeling better I worked in the treadmill slowly. Along with the cardio I started to work on my upper body with weights and isometrics. Using my own body weight I was doing pull ups and leg lifts. Now I have kept the weight training and upper body exercises in my workout routine. Getting hurt was a good thing as now I am stronger than before my injury, life is strange but that is fine by me!

I continue to eat healthy as that will never change, I still take my supplements that help my overall well being and strongly suggest that you look at the supplement website for your own well being.

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