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Covid-19 Staying Healthy

Two months working remotely and Staying Healthy. Things that you did at work not realizing was keeping you healthy. Pretty much every day at work I would take a walk at lunch around the parking lot at least three times. In my estimate that was about one mile, then in the evenings after dinner I would do my usual run. Now with Covid-19 I am lucky that my job enables me to work from Home, but my routine h

as been altered. No more walks and I can see that my weight was increasing. After the second month I increased my outdoor runs by an additional one to two miles and I have started to get things back in control.

Running outside is completely different than a treadmill, outside running pushes you to have better form and builds your stamina. As the weather has slowly improved my runs are more enjoyable, when its cold and windy the runs are okay but not as enjoyable.

Eating fruits, vegetables, chicken, meat, are all essential to keeping yourself healthy. Exercise and healthy nutrition will keep you strong and provide your body with a great fighting chance in the event a health issue arrises.


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