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Making Healthy Eating Choices

Making healthy eating choices every day will help your overall health. I know that giving up bread, cereal, cold cuts, and fast food is very difficult. I can relate 100%, but the switch needs to be flicked and your health needs to come first. The menu that I have provided below is how I eat each day and this has helped me to lose weight.

My Daily Menu

7AM Drink a Glass of Water for hydration

9:45AM Fruit Medley

1 Apple Diced

Handful of Raisins

Handful of Blueberries

Sliced Almonds

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese - to fit in the palm of your hand

Honey sprinkled lightly on top

Add water to reduce the honey and mix all together

This usually keeps me full until 2PM

You can substitute any fruit that I have listed with fruit that you enjoy. Some people are unable to eat apples so replace the apple with a pear. Substitute almonds for any nut that you enjoy.


Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.


Natural Trail Mix (No Salt) - Walnuts, Raisins, Almonds & Sunflower Seeds

This keeps me full until 6PM, hopefully this will do the same for you.


This is my bigger meal of the day, I enjoy my Dinner...

Protein is a good source of energy for exercising and will keep your mind sharp. Nuts that are a big part of my morning and afternoon meals will provide protein, but dinner provides a good source of energy. Chicken, Steak, and Fish are all part of my weekly dinner meals. You can really improvise by making a healthy salad and adding Grilled Chicken Cutlets, or a nice Flank Steak and adding 2 -3 slices to your salad. Then there is fish, not such a big fan of fish but you actually feel better after eating wild Salmon instead of caged.

Salad Ingredients

Romain Lettuce



Olives - Pitted


Please note I am not a nutritionist and I have no training in health care, these are my suggestions that I use each day. Please discuss any change in your diet with your doctor or nutritionist.

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