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5K Run Saturday December 2, 2017

I will be running in an organized 5K this Saturday morning, My goal is to run the 5K in about 36mins or better. In my daily runs prior to this 5k, I have been running on average 4 Miles which is longer than a 5K (3.11Miles), so I am ready. After running this same 5k many years ago I developed a bad cold and cough. The reason was that I stayed around for the raffles and award ceremony, in my sweaty wet shirts. This time I am bringing a few shirts that I will change into to stay warm. Getting sick after a race will not happen again. Running gear is important for race day and now post-running gear is just as important. Older and Wiser!!!

This is a local event supporting substance abuse awareness, health education as well as leadership training programs.

My result for the 5K run was 33:22, which was better than my goal of 36:00. It was a beautiful day for the 5K and I enjoyed the run.

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