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Injury - Plantar Fasciitis

About a month ago I starting having pain in my right heel after working out. I kept running and exercising hoping the pain would subside, but that was not happening. The pain increased to the point where I had to slow my workouts from 6 days to 1 day a week. Stopped running outside and tried the treadmill which was no better to now using the elliptical machine. The pain in my foot is at the worst in the evening and getting out of bed.

After a month of rubbing my heal with lotion and wearing special socks for plantar fasciitis the pain is slowly going away, I hope to get back to working out on Monday and see how it responds. I have purchased new running shoes to provide additional cushion for my heel. I am listening to my body and taking it slow.

After a couple of months I have started to get back to exercising, my routine has changed. I have started to use the stationary bike as my primary cardio exercise and the treadmill as my secondary cardio exercise. It is amazing how getting hurt has provided me with a new routine that I enjoy and hopefully will provide my foot to heal so I can run again full time.

I have also included weight training before my cardio and my upper body is getting stronger, I guess things always happen for a reason. Overall I am happy to be exercising more consistently again and will always listen to my body to prevent injuries.

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